The Big 5

First things first, this resort is AMAZING. Once I get better wifi, I’ll upload some more. The food, the hospitality, the bed, the outdoor shower, the personal pool, I mean it’s on another level. I mean, this is the entry way:

So today was an early morning, with a lovely 5:15 wake up call to make sure we were out on our game drive to watch the sun rise. And holy shit, was it worth it! Our Ranger Nikki, who is a beautiful human, has this passion for the wild, and it’s contagious! I have never loved being outside all day more than I have today. We spent 3 hours out this morning, and after chasing down an Elephant and almost getting chased back, see my Instagram video (@eweadock), we had breakfast out in the bush. The food here has been off the chain amazing. And the coffee, OH. MY. GOSH. Truly the best I’ve ever had. Zero exaggeration. (Although I tend to be good at that.) In all seriousness, it’s amazing. I was actually a pleasant human around 6 am. It was truly a rare sighting.

Atter spending at least 45 minutes with a momma Cheetah and her two 3 month old cubs(I’m still in awe over that!) this afternoon, we stopped for some wine and stalked a Leopard. The picture below was taken this afternoon with ZERO zoom. Momma was just that close to us. And the babies, I mean come on. How could you not want to yell “IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!” from Despicable Me. It’s only appropriate. Unfortunately we didn’t see one Leopard we searched for later on, but we’ve got plenty more game time! Clearly, we had one epic day!

A little safari knowledge drop for you; The Big 5 in Africa are the Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros. Between last nights’ game drive and today’s, I’ve seen all five. And they are beautiful. Today we even spotted two black rhinos which is one of the most rare species in the world. (The picture below is a white rhino, but still so cool!) I can’t even describe how amazing it is to see them in person.

Here’s a few more pictures from today, that I just can’t get enough of! A buffalo, Kingston & I and the elephant that didn’t want to be friends with us. 

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