Phinda Adventures 

The last few days have been amazing. And I’ll go into some more detail when I get back only because I want to get this out there, and I’m completely overtired and need to get this shit out while I’m thinking of it. So here we go. 

Game drive in the morning. As our Ranger Nikki said, “you have to risk it to win the biscuit” and man did we risk it. It was so well worth it. 

We then decided (and by we I mean the true adults) that we wanted to go up into this cave. Which meant climbing this mountain made of volcanic rock which would lead us to one of the best views. He was not Lion. (See what I did there, again overtired, yet still funny!) 

I then hoped into our private pool hoping some monkeys would come join me. They didn’t, but I made some different friends because the monkeys seemed to be assholes. I really thought they’d be nicer-spoiler alert, they’re not. 

After our afternoon game drive, we ate dinner in the bush. They had this ridiculous set up for us. So badass. Afterwords, I continued the most adventurous day of my life to our campsite for the night. We were sleeping under the stars. Which just a bonfire, and bed & some blankets. Oh, and there was an armed guard who kept watch during the night, but when we sat by the campfire and heard lions in the near background, I wasn’t sure how much help that would be. After a few glasses of wine and some inappropriate family stories told (shocking, I know) we headed to bed. I slept like shit, waking up almost every time the wind blew my measles mosquito net. I really should have taken a benesryl but I was told my snoring alone was enough to make my brother think a blue wildebeest was cuddled up next to him. I thought he was joking till I saw the video my aunt took. Sorry to anyone I’ve traveled with and slept in the same room 😂 As we woke up and wandered around, we happened to find Leopard prints in the camping around. Awesome, a damn leopard was out for a casual stroll for some meat and stumbled across us. I’m sure it was my anoring that kept him away. You’re welcome, family. 

Needless to say, that was an amazing experience. The Milky Way shined brightEr than ever and The Southern Cross was jut beautiful. I also wished on the shooting star I saw for my very own hot Ranger to take home. It was reasonable. 

SATURDAY-more fun & firsts 

Thanks to our amazing Ranger Nikki & Tracker Musa, we learned that when searching for animals, you look for the motion. This girl right here spotted an elephant that we would have easily missed.

 We then broke up into teams for the Bush Olympics. The events included elephant dung throwing, dung pellet spitting, pellet gun shooting & of course, the standard, egg on a spoon race. My team was crushing it, naturally. How we didn’t win blows my mind. I’m still a bit bitter, I’ll get past it. 

On our game drive we saw a 4 of the Big 5. On one drive alone. SO AMAZING. A leopard included. Such a beautiful animal! And so stealthy. It was a little frightening as we got stuck in a hole while watching the leopard hunt. For a second, I thought we’d be dinner. 

There are so many pictures I want to show you! Not having wifi is slowing crushing me. Stay tuned for more as I weed through them! 

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