The Bush Changes You (this is not what you think)

On Sunday, we woke up for our usual game drive, watched a pride of lions eat a killed blue wildebeest under a tree hiding it from the vultures. The male chased around two younger males & two female as they tried to move in on him & his breakfast. Just spending time with these animals is so special. Watching them move, eat, sleep. It’s so incredible. I mean, by day 5, we’ve become completely jaded. We pass a giraffe on our way out to into the bush & don’t even stop because we’ve seen so many. I’ll never be able to visit a zoo again after this. What a first world problem (insert eye roll here…)


As we came back for breakfast and to pack things up, I’m thinking, shit, I don’t want to leave. These rangers & trackers get to do this for their job. How sick is that?! Im jealous. Seriously. Although I don’t think I want to spend 9 days in the bush wandering on my own for “training” ya know just in case a Lion decides I look like a tasty appetizer….this girl needs some cell service….

As we took our group picture, we said thank you to the stuff who provided us with the best experiences, service & hospitality. It will be incredibly hard to top this experience. I’d never felt so relaxed in nature in my life. And I loved it. It felt great. I couldn’t even remember what day it was while we were out there. And time only mattered because we needed to get back to the lodge for food. Priorities…

The staff did a traditional Zulu dance and song as we walked out. It was SO COOL. The joy on their faces was everything.

We packed up & headed towards the air strip. Said goodbye to our ranger & trackers with hugs & pictures. It was sad to leave a place where I’ve never felt so adventurous in my life. And it changed my world.

They don’t lie when the say Africa changes you. And I know I may have said that a few times now but it could not be truer. I’m not homesick. Yes, I miss my Nuggs, my friends & my bed, but I’d be totally content spending another week waking up at 5:30 am to go for a game drive, being jerked around in the damn Toyota Land Cruisers and stalking animals in their natural habitat.

Phinda, Nikki, Musa, Taylor, Lucky-you guys were life changing. Thank you for one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to bring all my friends & family back again! 🇿🇦💚

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