Family Over Everything 

Our family is big, loud, hilarious and just damn full of shenanigans. At the lodge awards during our dinner on our last night in the bush we received “Loud, Entertaining & Fun,” (I take some credit for that obviously), “Morning Game Drive Punctuality,” and “Most Adventurous.” All are accurate. We’re a damn good combo.

Our newest family song which made quite a few appearances on safari and with a bunch of strangers has also been a huge hit. This song is so catchy is hurts. And of course, we attempted to make up our own verses as the trip went on. The song…“How’s Your Whole…Family”  Just listen. You can thank me later. Please also feel free to leave your verse ideas in the comments. A family music video is also in the works.


In Cape Town, my aunt Anne Marie, myself, & my two cousins Maximus & Kingston, decided we’d take this song to another level. One being “Pet my cock….er spaniel dog.” Stay tuned for more.

Kingston, who is an incredibly talented, aspiring artist, monkey & lifelong swearer, (not a lifelong learner, sorry, Kirk) drew this picture depicting just a few of our shenanigans. Classic. The kid is so hilarious.  He’s also Batman. (Yes, another inside joke)


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) 🇿🇦

I can’t help but smile when I hear this song. My aunt emailed us all the video the day we left, and it has been in my head ever since. It was the Official World Cup Song when it was in South Africa in 2010. The coolest part was that in Johannesburg, we saw the stadium where not only games were played but the opening ceremonies were. And as I was tandem paragliding over Cape Town, we flew over another stadium where World Cup games were played. I mean, it’s something so cool, I can’t even put it into words. The World Cup brings every single nation together to celebrate the love of a game. It’s a beautiful thing.
So, Anne Marie & Kirk, I’m struggling to put into words how thankful I am for this experience with you guys and to call you family. Like I’m getting choked up on the plane. That may be the jet lag, but seriously, you guys are THE BEST. You’re some of the most generous, loving & incredible people around. I thankful to learn from you, call you a role model & to share these adventures with you. And our creative side isn’t too shabby either 😉 IMG_1683


Kingston & Maximus, you are some seriously lucky boys.  Clearly, I’m the coolest cousin around. And I teach you new words that prove to be very valuable, you’re welcome. 😉 But really, this trip was so incredibly special. And I am really getting that tattoo I talked about! Africa truly did steal my heart. ❤ img_2843

So this post is a little all over the place. But the bottom line: FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. 💚

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