It’s Time For A Change

I’m talking a lifestyle change. My trip to Africa really gave me this new life & changed the way I look at a lot of things. I’ve just had this new outlook on life & I’m   obsessed.  

I decided that this week would kick off me finally losing weight, eating better, cooking at home, saving more money (now that I’m making it again, minor detail), being more active & focusing on ME. Because sometimes, you are the most important thing. 
So this week, with my fabulous friend Tiff, we started hot yoga classes. I’ve thought about getting into it for a long time but never made the move. Then I said “for fucks sake, Erika, get your shit together and do it already.” So, I did. And damn, am I happy I did. I am LOVING these classes. It’s crazy how fast an hour goes by if you’re only focusing on your body, the movements & breathing. 

I’m also following along with the amazing Tone It Up girls & their Summer Tone Up program. I feel better already. It’s amazing. This weekend, I’ll share some of my favorite recipes and work outs that I’ve tried. There’s some good stuff. You’ll want to try them! 

If anyone has followed along with the TIU girls, I’d love to hear your favorite workouts, recipes & how you fared! Or any other healthy lifestyle changes you made that you’re loving. I’m all ears! 

Stay tuned on this new adventure. I’m very much looking forward to finally feeling confident in the way I look and feel. It really does change everything. 💪🏻

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