Gratitude. Just Have It.

This post came inspired from The Magnolia Journal. Chip & Joanna Gaines’ magazine. As some of you know, I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with them. Fixer Upper, their online store, the magazine, their books. All of it. Especially their outlook on life, what they stand for and what they do for their community. The Magnolia Journal is amazing. Truly. But this issue was special. And let me tell you, it spoke to me. As cliche as that sounds….it really did. I barely got to page 10 before I started writing this. (BTW, the picture below may be one of my new favorite things.) 

Joanna states in her letter from the editor the saying “gratitude turns what you have into enough.” When I heard this, I was immediately taken back to my time in Africa. One thing I felt more there than anywhere else I had ever been, was gratitude. But it really rang true to where I am right now in life.  Even though I’m currently still in a tough spot monetarily, at least compared to what I’m used to, I’m doing just fine. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past two months. Mainly, that I have more self-control than I thought, and I can go a week without eating sushi. It’s not easy, but I don’t need to go to Maru on Wine Wednesday almost every damn week. I’ll survive without it. It sucks, trust me. But I’ll be fine. 

I hate having to watch what I spend, not being about to treat my friends at dinner or going for my Target run every other weekend just because. But you know what, I’ve survived. And I’ve learned to appreciate what I have, (which is still more than others have so stop bitching, Erika!) I’ve had a lot of those moments lately. I will say though, that I could not be more gracias to my parents & brother for helping me out as I live paycheck to paycheck right now and to help pay my credit card bills. Cause Lord knows, I’ve got plenty of that shit. I’ve always been the one to be like “I’m Miss Independent. I got this! I’m fine. I don’t need any help. Blah. Blah. Blah.” But recently, I did. And let me tell you, it sucked admitting it. It was like a kick in the gut. But my family was there when I needed it. (Thank goodness my brother is frugal as hell & not a spender like me!) And holy shit, I have never been more gracious to have that support. And I’ve learned, my gratitude, has turned what I have into enough. It really has. Gratitude for the win! 

Now, I’m not in anyway saying this for pity or anything like that, I’m mainly sharing because right now, when I can’t walk into Sephora and drop $100 easily without second thought, I’m a hell of a lot more grateful for what I have than ever before. And for those of you who are in a similar situation, hang in there. Look around you. Appreciate those little things. I think back to the time we spent in Soweto in South Africa. And in Cape Town with our driver Nomi. We learned all about incomes, jobs, housing communities and what it truly takes to make it. And let’s just say, we are SO spoiled here. Some folks in South Africa are living in a 500 square foot apartment, with three people, that took them 20 years to get, and could not be happier. My problems are minimal in comparison to what some Africans face on a daily basis. And when I saw some of the conditions these people lived in, my heart sunk and fell straight out of my ass. Not even kidding. I took it all in and for a moment realized I needed to have way more gratitude than I did at the time. I got this whole new outlook. I needed that. 

This post went completely on a tangent, but I felt like I needed to get that out & share it with you. Take time to be grateful for what you have. To give to someone who doesn’t have as much. And to write down something each day you are thankful for. It’s amazing how different things can look when you practice gratitude on a daily basis. You’ll have so much more than you get imagined! 💚

Pictures from Pinterest because where else do I find beauties like these! 

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