Let’s Talk Football.

Okay, so it is officially 8 days till Michigan State football (and less than that for other college football!) and I literally could not be more excited. I LIVE FOR FOOTBALL SEASON. Tailgates, rivalries, spending all weekend doing nothing but watching football. I mean, I wake up earlier for football than I do for work. 5 am wake up call for a Noon kickoff, consider it done. Ahhh, so glorious. There’s nothing better than a BEAUUUUUTIFULLLLL DAYYYYYY FORRRRR FOOTBALL! (My fellow Spartans will understand that.)

Image result for women during football season

Yes, I get intense and extremely passionate, and probably scare away any man who I may ever have a chance with but I don’t even give a shit. If you can’t handle me during football in late August/early September, there is no chance in hell you can deal with me during A.) a championship game, B.) bowl season, C.) basketball season, and D.) March Madness. I am a whole other type of crazy during that time. And you know what, it’s SO FUN. And it makes me happy. Unless there’s a loss thrown in and then everyone knows my standard rules. I need minimally 24 hours to process and analyze the loss and to drown my sorrows. I won’t even mention some of the games that have broken my heart and spirit in two recently. It’s still too soon….either way, give me space otherwise, you’ll regret it.

I’m the girl who is in the stands yelling obnoxiously, just ask Liz who is usually yelling along with me, calling the plays based on the formation, and refusing to sit during any third or fourth down. I study our team, players, positions, plays. All of it. I’ll do anything for my team. I’ll paint my face with NO shame. I wear obnoxious clothes flaunting my school spirit. I have very specific rules during football season. I allow myself two new MSU shirts to start out. I wear one. If we lose, I don’t wear anything from that outfit for the rest of the season. It’s bad luck, obviously. Now I’m not going to spill all my secrets, you just need to understand my type of crazy. (It’s endearing, I swear.)

Anyways, tailgate season is upon us, so I want to (in the next few posts) share with you some of my favorite tailgate tips, tricks, and recipes. And my coveted tailgate tradition, shots & donuts. Just thinking about it gets me pumped. And also makes my stomach hurt a bit, but that’s beside the point.

One of my tailgate favorites is my pudding shots. I use cheesecake pudding mix, Rumchata, and Fireball. It’s a ridiculously good combination. They taste like cinnamon toast crunch! Basically, follow these instructions: 

What you need: 

  • 2 regular sized packages of pudding (I love the cheesecake one for these)
  • 2  8 oz containers of cool whip-they are best when at room temp and no frozen
  • Your favorite liquor (I’d suggest what goes well with pudding, just a thought. I like RumChata, Fireball, and Vanilla vodka) About 2 cups altogether
  • Plastic, 2oz jello shot cups (approximately 30 depending how big you make them)
  1. Mix together the pudding packs, 2 cups of liquor. (for my cinnamon toast crunch version, mix 1 cup of Fireball and 1 cup of RumChata)
  2. Once completed mixed, add the 2 containers of cool whip.
  3. OPTIONAL: Add your favorite team’s food coloring and mix together
  4. Ration out the mix into the plastic cups
  5. Freeze for at least 24 hours
  6. Enjoy!

There are more tailgate recipes to come! Get ready, it’s about to be the best time of the year!

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