What The Health

Want to watch something that will rock your world? Watch What The Health.

what the health

While in Florida this past weekend, my aunt & I sat down and watched it. And let me tell me you, I’m changing the way I eat immediately. I’m even going Vegan for 2 weeks to start. (Stay tuned to see how that goes 😬)

Do yourself a favor and sit down and watch the documentary. It’s so good. Now some stuff is not what I expected, but the crazier it was, the more it stuck. While watching it, we kept having to pause it to discuss what we just watched. It all makes so much sense.

That’s all for today. I’m currently on a plane back to MI slightly stressing about what vegan recipes to make for the tailgate this weekend. Adios dairy. Adios meat. 👋🏻

Check out the website where you can watch the documentary, purchase the book and much more!! http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/ 

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