All The Yummy Noises!

My dear friend Rachel, who I mentioned in my previous post, has her own fabulous blog, Yummy Noises. Not only is Rach incredibly talented in the kitchen but she is amazingly creative in her blogging.
If you are looking for something to cook for the family this weekend, look no further! Rach and Yummy Noises has you covered!
Below are three of Rach’s favorite recipes:

Flank Steak Pinwheels with Spinach,Gorgonzola & Asiago — This one is really impressive looking so if you’re trying to show off your skills to the relatives-this is the way to go!

Enchiladasagna — This one is super easy, tasty and relatively healthy (it originally came from a Weight Watchers recipe!) And I LOOOOOVE Mexican food, so you know this one is my personal favorite!

Tuna Avocado Toast — Avo-toast…it’s so hot right now (those damn millennials). And this is seriously delish!

I’d love to hear what your favorite is. So leave us a comment. And try out all of her other masterpieces!
Cheers to you, Chef Rach!

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