The Anxiety Lab-It Saved My Tuesday

So as I’m on my way to work today, my anxiety decided to hijack my drive in. Not the ideal way to start a day. My first thought: shit, I wish I had some Xanax. Second thought: can I just go back home? (Anxiety attacks can be exhausting and in the past, all I’ve wanted to do after them is take a damn nap.)

Thankfully, I work with a group of wonderful people. So I calmed down once I got in. But here’s my issue…I’m NOT stressed right now. Okay, maybe I am a little. About a couple minor things. But they are definitely considered first world problems. Like putting my condo on the market and buying a new house. Oh, and that ugly issue of credit card debt. BLAH.

BUT, things got better. As I’m doing my daily morning check of theSkimm’s Skimm’bassador group on Facebook, I find someone posted a comment asking everyone who has a blog to post the link below. So naturally, I’m all over it. In my head, I’m thinking “this blog is hilarious and everyone needs to read it.”

Then, as I click my way through all the other blogs, in an effort to support my fellow Skimmers, I come across a blog titled “The Anxiety Lab.” And this time of year, (clearly), it is much needed. Shout out to my fellow Skimm’bassador Frederike Rhodes, who is the mastermind behind this blog. She’s a German living in London, a big dreamer, fellow designer handbag lover and anxiety sufferer. And today, she was my hero. Learn more about her and her story on her Facebook page.


Today is another time where I’m I’m thankful to have found theSkimm community in my life. Basically, to keeps me sane and on track. Because exactly what I experienced this morning, Frederike wrote about.

Stay strong, fam and stay tuned for a guest blog from her and my guest post for her blog as well! Cheers to you, Frederike!


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