The Necessary Evil

Let’s talk about money. Savings, 401(k), credit scores, mortgages…The necessary evil that tends to cause unnecessary stress. This also tends to be a touchy subject, especially this time of year. But it’s something that has been on my mind. So here we go.


(The intent of this post is just to share with you some of the tips & tricks I’m learning as my financial situation changes as I grow. And sort of to vent. But basically, I’M FINE — said in Ross’ voice from the “The One Where Ross is Fine” episode. )

When I took my current job with MSU, I took a big pay cut. I was worried, I can’t lie, but I knew, in the long run, it’d be worth it. (In case you were curious, it already has been. I love that place)

Previously, I was doing uncommonly well as a 26-year-old at the top of my game & my division of the company. But I knew I wasn’t as happy as I could be in my career. The money was great. But the stress wasn’t. And as I’ve learned as I grow up, money isn’t everything. And if the job causes stress & makes you miserable some days, it is DEFINITELY not worth it.

However, as I look back, I may have been a little careless with some of my money. I probably should have saved more, I shouldn’t have bought that Kate Spade purse, I shouldn’t have BLAH BLAH BLAH. But you know what, I don’t regret a thing. I took some amazing adventures (The Rose Bowl-checked that off the bucket list!), spoiled my friends and family(my favorite party), bought a condo and basically just lived it up. Those were some seriously kick-ass years. And absolutely, 110% worth it.

But now, things are a little different. Okay, a lot. I’m constantly thinking about ways to save a little more on a weekly basis as I stress about my credit card debt & yet, still being able to do the things I want. It’s tough. I wish I could travel more, see my Spartans when they are on the road, send my friends gifts for no reason at all, but I’ll get back to that spot again. For now, it’s my mission of not eating out for lunch, cooking at home, and not spending money on things I do NOT need. (Like the Alexa Dot I bought on Black Friday. Whoops.) I’m constantly worrying and thinking about money. What can I do better, where else can I save? But in the back of my mind, I think, okay, my credit score is still great. I can budget. And cut corners…I should be fine, right? I sure as shit hope so!

So I as vent this to you in blog form, I wanted to share with you some websites that I read for advice, and to comfort me that I am not the only one in this situation.

  1. Career Contessa’s Advice section on Money
  2. Ellevest by Sallie Krawcheck
  3. Nicole Lapin

Here’s hoping that if anyone else out there is in a similar spot, this can comfort you to know you’re not the only one. Budget. Be smart. Save. And splurge sometimes. But remember, money isn’t everything. Sometimes, yes, it can bring happiness. In object form. But there are so many other things that are important in life. And I’ve truly learned that over the years. So yes, money can bring stress. But trust the universe that you are going to be OKAY. money cant but


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2 Replies to “The Necessary Evil”

  1. Girl I learned the same thing this year. Was making way more money than ever-but was MISERABLE. So I just quit my job and am pursuing my passion. I know once I land another job I’ll be making likely half of what I was-but I know I’ll be happier day to day, and thus be a better friend, sister, daughter etc for it. Props to you!

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